Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Laundry Pure Story

It all started with a presentation of our Laundry Pure at Gary's Chamber Meeting in Grand Haven. One of his fellow members asked if he could take Gary up on his offer for a free trial. This man owns a cooking school and found it doubtful that Laundry Pure, which uses an advanced space aged technology utilizing oxygen and silver and only cold water, could cut the grease in his clothes.

During his trial of the LaundryPure Gary received a call from him. He said, "Gary, you have made a believer out of a true skeptic!" Gary had advised him to use our totally organic spot treatment on his grease spots and then throw it in the laundry. To this man's utter amazement all the grease came out. Needles to say he asked Gary to order him one that very day.

He was so excited that he talked and talked to many people. As a result, our demo Laundry Pure has been circulating from house to house with EVERY house purchasing the unit after their trial period.

One of the ladies that tried our unit told Gary that she had given up on ever finding an answer to her itchy skin condition. Although she had suspected it, after trying LaundryPure she realized it was detergent that was causing the reactions. She had tried many, many different detergents including chemical free etc. etc. with no relief. This product has changed her life and I, for one, feel very good about it!

If you live locally and would like a free trial of our LaundryPure, contact me and I will bring it to your house. There is never any pressure to buy. This unit saves money (no more detergent, fabric softner or hot water), saves on your clothing, (detergent beats at the fabric breaking it down and wearing it out), keeps your clothes smelling fresh longer than any other method. Cuts down on sorting and drying time. To read more about this amazing product CLICK HERE

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Have you ever done research on the water that  flows through the tap in your house?  The enemies that lurk within our water are scarey.  The first step that you can take to uncover the data of what contaminants are in your own drinking water is to  obtain a local water supply report about the water in our specific area.  He also admonished us to NEVER give a child a bath filled with ordinary tap water.

Dr. Oz spotlighted the dangers lurking in tap water on one of his shows.  I have included a YouTube on the information he shared on one of his shows:  DR OZ on Water  View His show @

Most people have an understanding of the importance of drinking water.   Less people are aware of what lives in the water that comes from their tap.  When God made water, it was clean and hydrating and living.  Today our waters have been polluted and many people shrug their shoulders thinking, "What can I do about it?"  Some will try to do the right thing by going to their local grocery store to buy spring water or another purified type of water .. thinking they are covered ... Right?  Wrong!!  When I go to the store each week I see people picking up bottled water. I wonder if they know the facts about bottled water.   It is number one expensive and is an unreliable source of clean water.  When tested, bottled water often shows more contaminants than tap water.  It is also packaged in plastic bottles which is known to off gas chemicals that are harmful. 

It's not only important to pay attention to the water you drink but you also must be aware that the water that you shower  in gets absorbed into your body.  Skin is the largest organ of your body.  You actually absorb water faster through your skin than you do when you drink water.  Taking your daily bath or shower is not as we once thought .. refreshing and cleansing .. it is also absorption of all of the toxins and chlorine right into your system.  You can find good water filters for your shower at your local hardware store.  Read the label to see what types of toxins are removed with the filter.

The first thing I'd like to include in this blog is an educational site you can go to in order to learn about what lurks in our water. Secondly I'd like to introduce you to some cutting edge water technologies that will:
  • Save you money
  • Make it possible for you to have pure clean water right in your own home.
  • Give you Peace of mind.
When you get to the site:
  • Click on "The Problem"
  • Click on "Chemicals
When you get to this site: Look to the Right Side under Water Treatment for:
  • Living Water II (attach to the sink Unit)
  • Living Water Ultra (Crock Type Purification System)
  • Spring House (A Whole House Unit)
  • Premium Hand Held Shower Head
Take care of your Body and It will take care of you

Air Purification Solved Family's Health Needs

Over 5 years ago Gary and I were in a Church ministry. One day we received information about a home based business opportunity that helped people with health issues. Eventually (6 mos. later) we called to learn more. Though we were impressed -we were both skeptics.

The first action I took was to research the company and the products. I was VERY impressed by what I learned. I don’t have space here to tell you how wonderful the company is. Briefly, I learned that it is a Fortune 500 business, now based in Dallas Texas. One of the BIGGEST helps ever, to our family personally, is the air purification) is way different than an air filter. I learned how far advanced the technology is.
The next decision we made was to try one of their products .. a state of the art, high technology air purification system. I also researched air purifiers and learned that this product was way different and more advanced than an air filter. It had technology that went out from the machine and dropped particles (filled with dustmites, germs, allergens and more) out of a person's breathing space.
We knew that in order to represent the any of the products made by Vollara, we would personally need to love it. The company offered a 5 day FREE TRIAL we decided to take them up on that offer. The 1st thing I noticed was the smell of Mountain Fresh Air - I loved the smell! My house smelled so clean ... in fact when my son-in-law visited us, on our first day of the trial, he breathed in deeply and said .. What is it that smells so clean in here? There's just no way to describe it. As good as the house smelled, it was the next 5 days that really sold us on the technology.

The first week we had the machine, my daughter Christy said to me, “mom, I don’t know why, but every time I come over my headaches go away." Christy has had severe sinus infections since she was very young. She would run temperatures of 106 degrees as a child. We had NO clue it was related to the air she was breathing. Long story short—we sent the machine home with her—the headaches ended and as a bonus her husband stopped snoring!
The next thing we did is to place a new air purification system in each of our other childrens homes. Here is a list of problems that were ALL addressed and symptoms eliminated by our Fresh Air technology.

Daughter Christy- Sinus Infections
Daughter Renee - Spring Allergies
Son Daniel - Fall Allergies
Daughter-in-law Candace - Asthma, smoke and pets
Granddaughter Madisyn - Spring Allergies
Granddaughter Jessica Spring allergies
Granddaughter Kristin - Asthma, pets, perfume

Our Belief system began with our TESTIMONY as a family. It continues to grow as we help people every single day!

To Learn More: CLICK HERE and call Gary (616-844-9202) for your FREE TRIAL