Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Laundry Pure Story

It all started with a presentation of our Laundry Pure at Gary's Chamber Meeting in Grand Haven. One of his fellow members asked if he could take Gary up on his offer for a free trial. This man owns a cooking school and found it doubtful that Laundry Pure, which uses an advanced space aged technology utilizing oxygen and silver and only cold water, could cut the grease in his clothes.

During his trial of the LaundryPure Gary received a call from him. He said, "Gary, you have made a believer out of a true skeptic!" Gary had advised him to use our totally organic spot treatment on his grease spots and then throw it in the laundry. To this man's utter amazement all the grease came out. Needles to say he asked Gary to order him one that very day.

He was so excited that he talked and talked to many people. As a result, our demo Laundry Pure has been circulating from house to house with EVERY house purchasing the unit after their trial period.

One of the ladies that tried our unit told Gary that she had given up on ever finding an answer to her itchy skin condition. Although she had suspected it, after trying LaundryPure she realized it was detergent that was causing the reactions. She had tried many, many different detergents including chemical free etc. etc. with no relief. This product has changed her life and I, for one, feel very good about it!

If you live locally and would like a free trial of our LaundryPure, contact me and I will bring it to your house. There is never any pressure to buy. This unit saves money (no more detergent, fabric softner or hot water), saves on your clothing, (detergent beats at the fabric breaking it down and wearing it out), keeps your clothes smelling fresh longer than any other method. Cuts down on sorting and drying time. To read more about this amazing product CLICK HERE

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