Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Energy Drink - NO Calories

REVIVE is a phenomenal drink mix that was originally formulated for cancer patients. The drink is now available to anyone who experiences fatigue or low energy.

1) ME: I have had low energy and fatigue for many years. In fact I could count on crashing every single afternoon. When I worked outside of the home I used Coffee to stimulate my system - problem was it also stimulated anxiety. BUT - I drank it anyway because I couldn't stay awake without it. THAT was before Revive. My friends, if I could only communicate with mere words what a POWERFUL energy product this is. I know everyone who struggles with fatigue would be FREE of debilitating exhaustion and have energy, just like me!
2) CINDY: I have a close friend who takes Revive regularly—just like I do. Last week she came over and shared that she had run out of her e3 and had been trying to get her energy back by purchasing a Monster Drink. She said it just wasn’t working well so she bought more  Revive from me.  Cindy is a very fast transcriptionist. One of the results of her low energy is that her numbers go down—NOT GOOD!

Last night I met with Cindy and learned that she is back on e-3 and her numbers are back up again and she feels SO much better.

Remember that Revive was originally formulated for cancer patients—to boost their energy levels—that is why the nutrition is so effective! IT WORKS!

For more Information call Gary @ 616-844-9202

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