Wednesday, November 4, 2009


It's cold and flu season. Antibiotics are flying out of pharmacies into the hands of consumers faster than you can sneeze.  Nobody likes to take antibiotics, but sometimes we must because of an infection that could threaten our health and well being. Did you know that there are side effects to antibiotics? Yes, there are - while antibiotics wipe out all the BAD bacteria, which is a good thing - antibiotics ALSO wipe out the GOOD bacteria which is NOT good. Good bacteria keep our intestines healthy.

Ever heard of candida yeast? Antibiotics create a condition in your intestines for candida yeast to grow like wildfire. Candida Yeast creates tons of BAD symptoms like:

Yeast infections, Oral thrush, Migraine headaches, Sinus, Ear or Eye infections, Toenail or Skin Fungus, Brain Fog, Depression, Fatigue so bad you can’t even hold a job. When candida spreads strong enough it can wipe you out to the point that you can hardly get off the couch.

There are some physicians today that understand this reaction to antibiotics and will tell you to eat yogurt. Yogurt has probiotics which are the 'good bacteria.' Only problem is that many docs fail to tell you that the yogurt must have live cultures, so read the labels because not all have live cutures, and most yogurts are packed with sugar which also multiplies the candida yeast.

The best solution is to go on probiotics when taking antibiotics. TOTAL FLORA is a capsule that contains billions of stabilized flora to maintain digestive health and support immune function. Total Flora will replenish the good bacteria and keep your intestines in a healthy condition.

The intestines is where you absorb food and nutrients. If the intestines are full of bad bacteria and candida yeast your health will suffer. Here's what Total Flora will do:
  • Proven to improve digestion and elimination.
  • Helps maintain healthy functioning of the intestinal tract.
  • Supports the body’s “second immune system” by suppressing harmful bacteria.
  • Produces enzymes essential to proper intestinal function.
  • Promotes longevity.
If you've ever been on antibiotics you need TOTAL FLORA. If you feel yourself getting sick you need total flora, if you are prescribed antibiotics, you really, really need total flora. Go to this site, click on nutritionals to order and to and learn more about this remarkable supplement: CLICK HERE

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