Saturday, June 19, 2010

Protect Your Feet

Your feet are very important as they are responsible to carry the weight of your whole body. Most people don't think about their feet .. just take them for granted. But in the great scheme of things .. if the feet aren't protected and fitted into proper shoes you can develop BIG time foot problems later on in life.

The human foot is intrinsically designed and requires special attention. Think about your foot! It is very flexible and strong with the ability to function beautifully as long as you take care of them.

Our feet are very complex. Here are some facts to think about. Your small foot contains twenty six bones (the two feet contain a quarter of all the bones in the body), 33 joints, and a network of more than 100 tendons, muscles, and ligaments .. on top of this add a ton of blood vessels and nerves.

What jobs do your feet do? Let's take an ordinary day of walking ... walking brings a force equal to several hundred tons to bear on the feet. Your feet are more subject to injury than any other part of your body.

Though many do not realize it, Foot ailments and pain are among the most common of our health problems. Some issues can be traced to heredity ... but many problems stem from the cumulative impact of a lifetime of abuse and neglect. There is a mistaken belief that living with foot discomfort and pain are normal and expected. They are NOT and if you experience foot problems there are great helps available for fallen arches, Plantar Fascitis and other painful and bothersome conditions. A podiatrist is the expert in solving foot problems.


Are you aware that there are shoes specifically designed for your life's activities? There are walking shoes and a variety of athletic shoes to meet your activity needs.

Do you play basketball? If you do you know that you need special shoes that provide comfort and traction. Basketball shoes are designed to care for your feet while you concentrate on your game. Are you a power player a fast player or an all-around player? A power player needs basketball shoes that focus on cushioning and stability. An all-around player should choose shoes that have moderate ankle support and cushioning. A fast player needs lightweight shoes with moderate support, cushioning and flexibility.Read more: How to Choose Basketball Shoes

Do you Wrestle? Wrestling shoes need to be lightweight, durable, extremely comfortable. IF you want to find some GREAT wrestling shoes I recommend: Nike inflict wrestling shoes. The best wrestling shoes are lightweight and breathable and made from a mesh material. Read more: How to Buy Wrestling Shoes Wresting shoes feel great on the mat and provide everything from flexibility to the the ability to super grip.. To see more styles in wrestling shoes, Check out: Nike inflict wrestling shoes

No matter what sport you are involved in you need the proper shoes to care for your feet. Your feet are the servants to your whole body .. Bless them by taking care of them and they will Bless you with strength and power for your whole life.

To find a wide variety of wrestling and basketball shoes at GREAT prices just click here: Nike inflect wrestling shoes, Nike basketball shoes

Wrestling and Basketball are sports that require support for your feet. I hope my article has helped you understand this and also point you to a great web source with a variety of styles.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pure and Beautiful Skin

Outward beauty has been a priority throughout the ages. We go to great lengths to cultivate it. A woman’s complexion is intimately connected with her feelings of self-confidence and power: it’s the “face” she shows to the world. No wonder women spend so much time and money on beauty products and make-up. Beautiful skin produces a countenance that glows ... and who doesn’t want to glow? The main purpose of this article is to introduce some healthy avenues to creating beautiful skin.

Skin is our largest organ and what we put on our skin will affect our overall health. Do you have any clue about the ingredients that lurk within that ornate and expensive cosmetic case in your bathroom?

Many commercial cosmetic products contain harmful ingredients that may affect your general health. Just try reading the ingredient list to see if you recognize any of the terms. Better yet, do a search on those ingredients to learn of the dangerous, toxic and harmful affects they can potentially produce. The FDA leaves synthetic additives in cosmetics largely unregulated, yet many of these compounds have been proven to disrupt endocrine function, interfering in the metabolism of sex hormones.

There are many ways to care for and nurture your skin without harming your body.

Begin Within

The first line of skin care defense is to begin from within. Premature aging, acne, dermatitis and rosacea are all conditions that have recently been linked to chronic inflammation of the skin.
  • One of the simplest, yet most neglected, means to reducing inflammation is by drinking lots of water. Plump up your wilted skin with water.

  • Boost your immune system with
    1. good nutrition supplements (my suggestions for WELLNESS/LIFESTYLE PRODUCTS)
    2. detoxification (Dr. Mercola on Healthy GUT)
    3. holistic topical support (I suggest an online search for holistic skin care products or visiting your local reputable health food store)

Suggested Skin Care Regime

  • Cleanse your skin morning and night with a gentle, soap-free cleanser. There are many holistic products available today.

  • Do not scrub! Scrubbing actually breaks capillaries and damages cell tissue, which encourages invasive bacteria. Rinse thoroughly with clean, tepid water and dry gently. Alkalized Water is the BEST and most hydrating source.

  • Exfoliate with an all natural product 2 – 3 times a week to removes excess dead skin cells.

  • Try to keep your hands off your skin unless they are clean; your fingers can transmit oil and bacteria. Don’t pick blemishes — it damages cell tissue and permanently widens pores.

  • Moisturize and protect with an all-natural moisturizer/sunscreen. Use sunscreen with an SPF of 30 when out in the sun for more than 15 minutes. Find a product at a reputable health food store .. or do a search online to find products that contain valuable topical antioxidants like co-Q10, ALA and vitamin C ester.

  • Use natural cosmetics. Once again do a search online for holistic cosmetics or visit a reputable health food store. Some suggested products: Aveda, Burt’s Bees and The Body Shop have branched out into a growing array of cosmetics. You should be able to replace your favorite lipsticks, mascara and foundation with chemical-free alternatives. Your skin will thank you!

Lazer Hair Removal

The last skin care solution I’d like to introduce is Lazer Hair Removal. As woman age they often develop unwanted facial and/or body hair. To keep that beautiful glow and youthful look thriving you’ll need to remove those uninvited visitors. Shaving and waxing are methods that many woman turn to when faced with new body hair growth. I would highly recommend and suggest lazar hair removal as the best method of eliminating the unsightly problem of hair growth.

Lazer hair removal will keep your body smooth and stubble free. It is a hassle free procedure with permanent results. Avoid razor burn and constant maintenance by visiting a Spa near you which provides the service of hair removal by lazar.

Men and woman can both benefit from lazar hair removal. Consider lazar treatment for unwanted hair on your face, upper lip and chin area. Consider hair removal for your bikini line or bothersome underarm hair. Procedures for men usually are focused on the chest, back and upper arm area. Some men seek to remove hair on the nape of their neck and even use lazar for bushy or Uni-brow eyebrows.

To learn more about the many benefits of and facts about Lazar hair removal, visit this very reputable and up-to-date Website: Laserhairremovalnyc by Completely Bare.

In summary, nurture your beauty by taking care of the skin God gave you. Avoid commercial skin care products, use natural chemical free cosmetics and skin care products. Purchase a alkalized water system and drink plenty of water and splash tons on yourself to keep your skin plumped up. Remove unwanted hair by using Lazer Hair Removal to achieve permanent and beautiful skin results.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Guest post by Kandice Remonton

This is a descriptive post about the Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa located in Sonoma CA. I welcome guest writer Kandice Remonton to Healthy Living Today and thank her for her personal testimony about her visit to Fairmont and for sharing the reasons she loves this vacation spot. She shares many of the winsome amenities and benefits to vacationing at this luxurious resort. ______________________________________________________________
Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa is one of my favorite places to go to whenever I feel fully stressed out. It is the only luxury spa resort in the country that has its very own source of thermal mineral water - a scientifically proven treatment to cure a lot of diseases and that is also very good in detoxification. It is used as treatment for rheumatism, stomach-intestine problems and aids in the release of mental stress.

Yesterday, I had the luxury to once again indulge in their excellent service. I set my great home security alarm and hit the road. When I arrived, I immediately checked my reservation, and was glad to be assisted by their friendly hotel attendant. Sonoma Resort utilizes BestHomeSecurity for their alarms system.

I soon took advantage of their bathing ritual experience. I started with the exfoliating shower using the supplied rosemary eucalyptus shower gel prepared by the hotel attendants. It was soon followed by the warm mineral bath; the hot bath then the re-hydrating drink. I soon proceeded with the cool shower, the herbal steam, sauna and another re-hydrating drink. Last is a cool shower followed by a reclined serenity in their relaxation lounge.

It was certainly the remedy I was hoping for. I can immediately feel my muscles rejuvenated and refreshed. Anyone who wishes to experience satisfaction at its best, should definitely try the services in Sonoma . They also have other amenities like a Fitness Center , Spa Mineral Pool, Spa Boutique, and Spa Café. You can also take advantage of their different massage treatments which are reasonably priced. Everything that you are looking for is in Sonoma so do not hesitate to treat yourself with some luxury. You deserve it!________________________________________________________________

Thank YOU Kandice for a very enticing testimony on a GREAT vacation spot!

To Book your vacation today: Click on: Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa
For more Information on the high Quality Home Security System that this Spa Utilizes Click Here

Examine Your Sweeteners

How many of us have been tricked into using an artificial sweetener. Synthetic Sweeteners have been very popular. Years ago we had NO CLUE about the dangers of using artificial, chemical, synthetic sweeteners.
We used lots and lots of them without any thought about the risks involved. Today the public is well aware of the harmful nature of using these caustic sweeteners. Used very sparingly there may not be any harm ... but who wants to eat anything sweet sparingly? Not me!

Before we look at Healthy Sweeteners, let's take a look of two very popular sweetener brands on the market today.


  • Birth Defects
  • Cancer
  • Brain Tumors
  • Diabetes
  • Emotional Disorders
  • Epilepsy/Seizures

For a more comprehensive list of Health Risks and Disease Connections to Aspartame click: ASPARTAME What you don't know Can hurt you.
For Further Research Informaton click here on: Dr. Mercola


Splenda CAN adversely affect the body in several ways because it IS a chemical substance and not natural sugar.

Dr. Janet Starr Hull wrote a Book called, Splenda, Is it Safe or not? New chemical sweeteners (like Splenda) and the sweetener blends (aspartame, sucralose and acesulfame K blended together in one product) may be causing users to show signs of weight gain, disruption of sleep patterns, sexual dysfunction, increases in cancer, MS, Lupus, diabetes, and a list of epidemic degenerative diseases. The corporations continue to stand tough in their denial of any connection to chemical sweetener additives.

Chlorine is commonly found in nature, but almost always in combination with other building block elements. Chlorine's structure makes it very reactive and because it is so reactive, it is very useful to chemists, engineers and others involved in making things humans use every day.


Okay, this is where I think I may loose some of you. I can hear you right through the computer .. you are screaming ... Come ON! ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Some of you are going to look at this and say WHAT! What the world ... Everybody eats sugar ... it's like The American Apple PIE right? WRONG! I have a daughter who is terribly allergic to sugar .. after consuming sugar she almost passes out. She has aches and pains in the middle of the night ... many and various symptoms that are directly related to SUGAR. Most of us know people who have hypoglycemia and diabetes right? If some people react to sugar consumption by developing blood sugar issues, doesn't it make sense that other's would develop other types of side affects to sugar? I will list a few of the symptoms identified with sugar consumption.

Dr. Mercola has listed 76 Ways that Sugar Ruins your Health.

  • Sugar can suppress your immune system and impair your defenses against infectious disease.
  • Sugar can cause can cause a rapid rise of adrenaline, hyperactivity, anxiety, difficulty concentrating, and crankiness in children.
  • Sugar feeds cancer cells and has been connected with the development of cancer of the breast, ovaries, prostate, rectum, pancreas, biliary tract, lung, gallbladder and stomach

This is ONLY 3 out of 76 Ways Sugar can Ruin your Health. If you are brave enough ... If you DARE: Take a look at This LIST 76 WAYS SUGAR CAN RUIN YOUR HEALTH.



Finally there is a sweetener that is 100% natural and Safe. As an added bonus is good for you too. Stevia contains antioxidants and fiber and more. Do a search online to discover more health benefits. Stevia is much sweeter than white sugar so you only need a tiny bit. Stevia is approved as a Dietary Supplement in the USA.

Pepsi Cola and Coca Cola have been involved in some extensive research and have made recommendations to the FDA, They expect Stevia to be approved and labeled as a sweetener very soon. You can already find Stevia in Health Food Stores and it is now being marketed in many of your local grocery stores as Truvia. When the FDA gives their final approval we will find stevia being used in all of our favorite products ... I can hardly wait!

I use stevia in place of sugar. As already stated stevia is acually healthy for you. However, in my book, not all stevia's are created equal. It took me quite awhile to find a stevia product that I liked. I did find one. I found it in a Health Food Store. The BRAND NAME I found is produced by New Naturals and called NuStevia. You can also find NuNaturals online @ It honestly tastes just like sugar!For those of us who need to watch our weight and even for those who don't the ability to have sweets that are healthy yet contain no calories is VERY GOOD NEWS!


HONEY is a very healthy alternative to sugar ..... BUT not just any honey bought on the grocer's shelf. These forms may contain chemicals, pesticides, and artificial ingredients. The Best HONEY is raw unprocessed honey, humankind's oldest sweetener

  • Unfiltered and uncooked to give you a rich, fulfilling taste with all the nutritious benefits
  • Promotes the growth of "good" bacteria in your intestinal tract
  • Great way to soothe your skin, utilizing natural antioxidants to help assist in blocking free radicals
  • Helps with occasional sleeplessness
  • Promotes a healthy heart by reducing homo-cysteine levels
  • No refrigeration needed -- for your convenience anywhere, anytime
  • The best place to find raw honey is at your local Health Food Store. Locally Grown Honey is known to help build up allergy resistance to outdoor pollens and allergens.

Although honey has benefits it is important understand that HONEY will raise your blood sugar just as quickly as sugar does. The key is moderation ... use a little in your tea or on your cereal.

Everyone has a sweet tooth .. now you know which type of sweetness to put into your body .. the one and only one you will ever have. Take Care of It!

Monday, May 24, 2010


Learn how to lose weight and keep it off! Explore a variety of the best weight loss tools and programs available today. Includes a resource website filled with helpful tools including a FREE Calorie and Carb Counter, Diets, Workouts and hundreds of free diet and fitness plans.

It's summer time. The warmth of the sun and the draw for outdoor adventure is calling your name. Are you up to the challenge of the season? Most of us have gained a few hibernation pounds over the winter. Are you ready to shed those pounds as quickly as possible?

I would like to suggest some great tools to help you drop those winter pounds while getting in the best shape of your life.

It’s always wise to consult the experts when starting a weight loss program. I would like to suggest two resources for a weight loss and weight management program. The first is a nationally known company called Nutri-System. The second is a very convenient and resourceful website called FitClick.

I chose Nutri-System because I worked for this company for over three years. I trained for two positions and acquired certifications in the areas of Nutritional Specialist and Behavior Breakthrough Counselor. The advantages to a program like Nutri-System, is that it takes the guesswork out of dieting and getting into shape. The pre-packaged meals, which come with the weight-loss program, are easy to prepare and delicious! The classes offer support and suggestions for work out routines and more. Nutri-System also includes a maintenance program. Loosing weight is the easiest part of the program; keeping the weight off is the key to permanent, safe weight management and a healthy lifestyle.

Today you will find some really great and helpful weight loss/weight management tools available online. Among many websites I was very impressed to find one that stood out from the rest. The website is called FitClick. This website contains a multitude of tools that will assist you in reaching your health and weight loss goals. Among the FitClick’s many helpful tools look for these tabs:

• Diet and Nutrition – complete with a calorie counter and diet plans
• Workout & Fitness - offers a workout tracker, exercise program to find your
best workout, calorie burn tracker and more
• Weight loss tips – weight loss programs, journal, support and more
• Community - complete with blogs, message boards, articles, groups and more
• Recipes - Recipe finder, recipe maker and a place for your personal recipes
• My tools - includes a calorie counter and calculator, workout tracker,
BMI Calculator, body fat calculator, weight chart and more.

Losing Weight while Remaining Healthy (a huge success story) takes discipline and determination.  Everyone is a little different and you may find that you need to tweak a program to meet your health needs.  

Today is the day to begin your journey toward a leaner and healthier body. With tools like these; no one has an excuse to weight .. or should I say wait.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Chronic Fibromyalgia

Chronic Fibromyalgia is a condition that is very difficult to cope with.  The symptoms of severe chronic muscle pain, fatigue and brain fog are enough to make you feel like you're going crazy. Some people say it feels like they have a horrible flu bug that never goes away.

I have personally been stricken by this monstrous malady. When I was hit with Chronic Fibromyalgia, five years ago, it was so severe that my physician put me on a medical leave. I was miserable!

In an effort to help control the symptoms the physician tried to put me on a 'miracle medication.' My personal choice was to STAY AWAY from medicine.  He sent me home with a sample but after reading the side affects I decided that I did NOT want these dangerous chemicals in my body. Nope, not at all.

I started researching all of the holistic recommendations for Chronic Fibromyalgia. My journey lasted over two years. I tried a multitude of products until I finally found Re: Plenish .. a Power-Juice packed with antioxidants .. it took the pain away. I aiming for relief but I got MUCH more than I could EVER hope for .. Re: Plenish took it away TOTALLY!

Re: Plenish is a whole food Power-Juice. The ingredients are: Muskedine grapes, grape pumice powder (it's skins) the skins carry the highest number of antioxidants, syrah grapes and cabernet grapes ... nothing artificial, a natural fruit of nature. I was also very happy to know that the grapes are grown in the good ole’ USA. Replenish has an extremely high OREC score ... 3764 per serving. This juice is 2 to 4 times greater than any competition.

The way Re: Plenish works is by attacking inflammation which is at the root of Fibromyalgia. In fact inflammation is at the ROOT of ALL diseases - so my whole body is benefiting from this one product. Thank God I found it!

Chronic Fibromyalgia pain is miserable but you don’t have to be. Don't rely on harmful medications when there are answers found in nature. Take steps to be proactive.

I'm including a website so you can get started on Re: Plenish now ... Start living Pain-Free.

CLICK ...... Re: Plenish
When you land on the Vollara Website
  • Click on PRODUCTS on the top of the page
  • Click on Wellness Lifestyle
  • Scroll down to Re:Plenish
Click on the product to get more information and to order. Ask yourself, what is your well being and health worth to you? I did and I thank God I chose a natural health remedy!
NOTE: Call the representative for answers to any and all questions. There is also an autoship program .. Save Money with Autoship

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Exercising the Mind

Recently my sister-in-law said to me, Susie, you will never get Alzheimer's. I said, WHAT! What would make you say that. Her answer was quite thought provoking. She said, wherever you go and whatever you do your mind is always turning and filled with Ideas.

She's right about that. When I go to Church I take notes. I want to capture not only what is said, but how it touched me. I am a writer and I have a passion for writing from my heart. I have another website that I write on called hubpages. Something Really exciting has happened to me in the last couple of weeks. Talk about exercising the mind! WHEW - this is a creative challenge like none other I have ever experienced. Let me tell you about it:

I received an email from one of the other authors on hubpages a couple of weeks ago. He and I have been reading each others articles and leaving comments for quite awhile now. Recently he published the beginning of a story that I felt passionate about and responded to on two different occasions. James, pen name Unchained Grace wrote me back with a request that I join him in an effort to write a novel ... Each of us would be bringing our own gifts and backgrounds to play in the story. He wrote a Hub about how this works: THE BOUNCE BACK THEORY He asked that I start on chapter 2 without consulting him at all .. so I wrote it ... then he wrote chapter 3 and so on. We do not talk about the story to each other. We are now on Chapter 8, which I wrote, and I am awaiting chapter 9 from him. My pen name on the HUBS is Mekenzie.

James Wrote these words at the Beginning of the Story:

Some time ago, Unchained Grace began with a Hub titled, "The Sinner and the Showboat." While this brought a fair amount of comments, two of those comments came from a fellow Hubber, Mekenzie, who showed an avid interest in the storyline thus far. Initially, I was very thankful. Then, an idea struck. Why not really push the envelope of creativity and partner up with Mekenzie? This would mean she would write the second chapter, I would write the third and so on. Doing so took the whole idea of a series to a different level. By "Bouncing Back" in this fashion, the onus is on each contributing author to read the previous chapter and then develop the storyline from there.

Talk about exercising the mind .. this challenge has pushed me to my greatest writings yet. If you'd like to challenge your mind ... sometimes you may read a chapter 2 to 3 times before digging out deeper meanings .. come join us on the HUBS ... The Sinner and the Showboat Chapter One

I would like to invite you to come and join the Story that is being written. Please leave comments too as the readers who leave comments are influencing the writers as they prepare for future chapters. As you partake in reading and commenting, it will be an exercise for your mind.

If you go to the HUBS and reach my profile page, all of the chapters are linked there. Let me give it to you here: MEKENZIE'S PROFILE PAGE

Exercising the mind is essential to staying young as you age. Keep your brain fit by doing puzzles, reading, playing scrabble and taking notes. Use the activities that are fun for you. Writing is my passion, so of course writing blogs is the greatest FUN to me.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Exercises For Seniors

Are the senior years on your horizon? Do you fear old age seeing the limits and restrictions it can bring? Do you feel that exercises for seniors is too much work? Remember these are the golden years and you are NOT powerless. Take control by being proactive about your health.

Exercise is one of the necessities of staying fit and healthy. If you keep your body moving you will maintain agility, coordination, and a youthful appearance. Staying active will serve you well in old age. Make it your goal to find a program that works for you and stick to it.

As you choose your program focus on these four areas; strengthening, balance, stretching and endurance exercises.

  • Strengthening exercises include some moderate weight lifting and push ups against the wall to build arm muscles.
  • Balance exercises, such as partial squats, are those that strengthen the legs to help prevent falls.
  • Stretching exercises help keep the body fluid and moving.
  • Endurance exercises like swimming, biking or raking leaves will help to improve heart health and the circulatory system.

Studies show that women, aged sixty and older, who exercise at least thirty minutes, three times a week, have the heart, lungs, and muscles of a woman ten years younger. Now that’s motivation! As you age your metabolism slows but exercise will increase it and help you maintain your weight. Staying active can help prevent heart disease and avoid the development of diabetes. When you exercise your circulation increases which aids digestion and builds a strong immune system.

The bottom line for seniors is to Keep Moving. You do have a choice. You can sit in your rocker, get stiff and develop diseases or get up, make a plan, work it out and enjoy your golden years.

Friday, January 29, 2010

The Great Outdoors

What could be more exhilarating than jogging in the great outdoors breathing in the fresh air as the wind blows through your hair? There are many ways to enjoy outdoor activities. Being connected to Nature brings a peace and tranquility to the soul like nothing else can.

Many people enjoy packing their gear and heading for the campground. The whole process of camping is conducive to working together and building closeness. Together you can share the process of choosing the perfect lot with the best trees and scenery.

When you go camping everyone works together to set up the tent and arrange the bedding etc. During the day a relaxing nature hike will bring an opportunity to experience the great outdoors together. At night everyone can participate in building a campfire and placing chairs around it. Conversations take place in the great outdoors that may never be discussed in the everyday situations of our lives. Imagine the peaceful setting of roasting marshmallows over the campfire as you gaze intently at the glowing red embers burning beneath the fire. Camping is an experience that everyone should have the opportunity to do.

Some other outdoor activities include hunting, fishing, boating, skiing and swimming. Even if you have never participated in some of these activities you can learn about them through books, the internet or networking with friends.

Fishing is a great sport and it’s not just for guys. I used to fish with my Dad a lot in the summertime. We would get up very early and head for the lake. My dad would start the engine and head for his spot. Imagine being right in the middle of the lake as your body picks up the sensation of being softly rocked by the gentle waves rocking you. Your pole hangs lazily in your hand as your whole body relaxes. Suddenly you feel that tug. It’s the tug of a fish that is fighting for his life. This is where the adventure and test of your skills begins. If you’ve got a big one you will really need to hang on. Reel in the line .. yank the rod … reel some more … yank it again … feel and watch the rod bend as it threatens to follow the fish. Ahhh, the satisfaction of getting the fish close enough to grab the line and pull in the prize. Only a fisherman knows that joy!

In these busy days, everyone needs to take the time to connect with nature. Serenity and quiet will surround you when you venture out into the great outdoors.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Do You Need Vitamins?

Do you live to eat or eat to live? We live in the land of plenty; plenty of fast foods, plenty of fatty snacks, plenty of ice cream, candy and more. Junk food is just too convenient and luring for most of us to resist.

Many people say they are too busy to eat right. Living in the fast lane means grabbing a donut on your way to work, eating snacks at your desk then stopping for fast food on your way home. The pressure of the day takes precedence over any thought about the food we put in our mouths.

Some will say, I eat healthy so I don’t need supplements. Be honest, do you really eat healthy? How many fruits and vegetables do you consume a day and do you factor in the correct assortment of colors like oranges, green spinach, purple eggplant, yellow squash, red strawberries? A great deal of these colorful vegetables can be combined in a COLORFUL HEALTHY SALAD to pack a punch of nutrition served up in a bowl.   Chances are, even if you try hard – you probably don't make this type of salad on a daily basis and so you  fall short of getting all the nutrients your body needs?

To make sure you are getting all the nutrients you need take a high quality vitamin and mineral supplement. The best supplements on the market are supplements that are made from whole foods; not just one isolated part of a vitamin and NOT a chemically formulated brand. I take vitamins, minerals and many other high quality supplements because I value my health.

I am giving you a link to the Company I use and have now joined. I have complete confidence in these products and have used and sold them for many years with tons of happy customers. Use this link to get to VOLLARA'S WEBPAGE.Once on the Website click on
 Nutraceuticals at the bottom of the page.  A whole list of whole food supplements with a slew of information on health benefits, ingredients and more will be available to you.  I recommend starting with Re-Fuel because this little supplement has six products combined in one capsule.  If you are a newbie to the holistic health world, You'll need to take some time to learn how whole food supplements replenish the body with the nutrients it needs.

Educate yourself on what you need to be healthy. Contact a representative a nutritional consultant at your local health food store. Your body needs balanced nutrients to fight off disease, infections and viruses. Do what it takes by eating healthy and taking whole food vitamin and mineral supplements.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Daily Fitness Routine

Many people today sit behind desks or work on computers all day. This type of sedentary lifestyle results in weight gain and a lack of stamina. A regular fitness routine will help keep weight within normal limits while building stronger muscles.

A Daily Fitness Routine will keep you on track when it comes to exercise. The first and most important step is to carve out a time you can commit to every day. Plan to get up a half hour earlier to take a walk or do some stretching exercises.

Plan another half hour of exercise after work. If you don’t have an hour a day for fitness, take the half hour and add simple routines to your everyday work schedule. For instance, take the stairs instead of an elevator, stretch your arms at your desk and as you wait for a copy stand up on your toes and back down again in repetitions. You can always take a brisk walk during your lunch break which will not build your lungs and help your circulation as well as provide mentally alertness and energy to get through the day.

If you are a person that needs friends to workout with or if you need structure you might consider joining a health club or the YMCA. These centers offer a variety of workout equipment, tracks to run on, swimming pools, classes and more.

Fitness habits can be developed by making a regular commitment to an active lifestyle. It may be hard at first, if you quit you will not benefit but if you push yourself it will soon become as natural as brushing your teeth every day.
To read more on Healthy Living Click Below:

Monday, January 18, 2010

Sanitize Bathroom and Kitchens Chemical FREE

Everyone knows that bathrooms are a breeding ground for germs. Staying on top of keeping it sanitized and germ free is almost impossible. 

The kitchen is the place we prepare food for our family and so it MUST be as sterile as possible. Salmonella poisoning is easily picked up when surfaces are not sanitized after food preparation. How do we keep up with the onslaught of germs, viruses, bacteria, salmonella, mold and other enemies to our health?

There is an answer and there is a product that will assure you that all of your surfaces are sanitized and free of germs. An Eco-Box (covering 1,000 square feet - for one room) or a Fresh Air (covers 3,000 square feet - a whole house) has a sanitize feature that will scrub all of your surfaces and bust all the germs in your bathroom, kitchen or your whole house. After the sanitizing process this purification system will continue working to keep all of your surfaces sanitized.

In contrast to products that treat odors and bacteria with passive technologies, activTek uses up to 5 nature-based, active technologies to bring the solution to the problem. It is the only product with validation testing from multiple universities, proving the ability to reduce up to 99.99% of mold, fungi, bacteria and viruses, including MRSA and Avian Bird Flu on surfaces.

To view University studies and learn more about the technology:  CLICK HERE

To view a variety of Air Purification Units: CLICK HERE

If you would like to speak to a representative contact Gary at 616-844-9202