Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Exercises For Seniors

Are the senior years on your horizon? Do you fear old age seeing the limits and restrictions it can bring? Do you feel that exercises for seniors is too much work? Remember these are the golden years and you are NOT powerless. Take control by being proactive about your health.

Exercise is one of the necessities of staying fit and healthy. If you keep your body moving you will maintain agility, coordination, and a youthful appearance. Staying active will serve you well in old age. Make it your goal to find a program that works for you and stick to it.

As you choose your program focus on these four areas; strengthening, balance, stretching and endurance exercises.

  • Strengthening exercises include some moderate weight lifting and push ups against the wall to build arm muscles.
  • Balance exercises, such as partial squats, are those that strengthen the legs to help prevent falls.
  • Stretching exercises help keep the body fluid and moving.
  • Endurance exercises like swimming, biking or raking leaves will help to improve heart health and the circulatory system.

Studies show that women, aged sixty and older, who exercise at least thirty minutes, three times a week, have the heart, lungs, and muscles of a woman ten years younger. Now that’s motivation! As you age your metabolism slows but exercise will increase it and help you maintain your weight. Staying active can help prevent heart disease and avoid the development of diabetes. When you exercise your circulation increases which aids digestion and builds a strong immune system.

The bottom line for seniors is to Keep Moving. You do have a choice. You can sit in your rocker, get stiff and develop diseases or get up, make a plan, work it out and enjoy your golden years.