Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Exercising the Mind

Recently my sister-in-law said to me, Susie, you will never get Alzheimer's. I said, WHAT! What would make you say that. Her answer was quite thought provoking. She said, wherever you go and whatever you do your mind is always turning and filled with Ideas.

She's right about that. When I go to Church I take notes. I want to capture not only what is said, but how it touched me. I am a writer and I have a passion for writing from my heart. I have another website that I write on called hubpages. Something Really exciting has happened to me in the last couple of weeks. Talk about exercising the mind! WHEW - this is a creative challenge like none other I have ever experienced. Let me tell you about it:

I received an email from one of the other authors on hubpages a couple of weeks ago. He and I have been reading each others articles and leaving comments for quite awhile now. Recently he published the beginning of a story that I felt passionate about and responded to on two different occasions. James, pen name Unchained Grace wrote me back with a request that I join him in an effort to write a novel ... Each of us would be bringing our own gifts and backgrounds to play in the story. He wrote a Hub about how this works: THE BOUNCE BACK THEORY He asked that I start on chapter 2 without consulting him at all .. so I wrote it ... then he wrote chapter 3 and so on. We do not talk about the story to each other. We are now on Chapter 8, which I wrote, and I am awaiting chapter 9 from him. My pen name on the HUBS is Mekenzie.

James Wrote these words at the Beginning of the Story:

Some time ago, Unchained Grace began with a Hub titled, "The Sinner and the Showboat." While this brought a fair amount of comments, two of those comments came from a fellow Hubber, Mekenzie, who showed an avid interest in the storyline thus far. Initially, I was very thankful. Then, an idea struck. Why not really push the envelope of creativity and partner up with Mekenzie? This would mean she would write the second chapter, I would write the third and so on. Doing so took the whole idea of a series to a different level. By "Bouncing Back" in this fashion, the onus is on each contributing author to read the previous chapter and then develop the storyline from there.

Talk about exercising the mind .. this challenge has pushed me to my greatest writings yet. If you'd like to challenge your mind ... sometimes you may read a chapter 2 to 3 times before digging out deeper meanings .. come join us on the HUBS ... The Sinner and the Showboat Chapter One

I would like to invite you to come and join the Story that is being written. Please leave comments too as the readers who leave comments are influencing the writers as they prepare for future chapters. As you partake in reading and commenting, it will be an exercise for your mind.

If you go to the HUBS and reach my profile page, all of the chapters are linked there. Let me give it to you here: MEKENZIE'S PROFILE PAGE

Exercising the mind is essential to staying young as you age. Keep your brain fit by doing puzzles, reading, playing scrabble and taking notes. Use the activities that are fun for you. Writing is my passion, so of course writing blogs is the greatest FUN to me.

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