Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Guest post by Kandice Remonton

This is a descriptive post about the Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa located in Sonoma CA. I welcome guest writer Kandice Remonton to Healthy Living Today and thank her for her personal testimony about her visit to Fairmont and for sharing the reasons she loves this vacation spot. She shares many of the winsome amenities and benefits to vacationing at this luxurious resort. ______________________________________________________________
Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa is one of my favorite places to go to whenever I feel fully stressed out. It is the only luxury spa resort in the country that has its very own source of thermal mineral water - a scientifically proven treatment to cure a lot of diseases and that is also very good in detoxification. It is used as treatment for rheumatism, stomach-intestine problems and aids in the release of mental stress.

Yesterday, I had the luxury to once again indulge in their excellent service. I set my great home security alarm and hit the road. When I arrived, I immediately checked my reservation, and was glad to be assisted by their friendly hotel attendant. Sonoma Resort utilizes BestHomeSecurity for their alarms system.

I soon took advantage of their bathing ritual experience. I started with the exfoliating shower using the supplied rosemary eucalyptus shower gel prepared by the hotel attendants. It was soon followed by the warm mineral bath; the hot bath then the re-hydrating drink. I soon proceeded with the cool shower, the herbal steam, sauna and another re-hydrating drink. Last is a cool shower followed by a reclined serenity in their relaxation lounge.

It was certainly the remedy I was hoping for. I can immediately feel my muscles rejuvenated and refreshed. Anyone who wishes to experience satisfaction at its best, should definitely try the services in Sonoma . They also have other amenities like a Fitness Center , Spa Mineral Pool, Spa Boutique, and Spa Café. You can also take advantage of their different massage treatments which are reasonably priced. Everything that you are looking for is in Sonoma so do not hesitate to treat yourself with some luxury. You deserve it!________________________________________________________________

Thank YOU Kandice for a very enticing testimony on a GREAT vacation spot!

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