Monday, May 24, 2010


Learn how to lose weight and keep it off! Explore a variety of the best weight loss tools and programs available today. Includes a resource website filled with helpful tools including a FREE Calorie and Carb Counter, Diets, Workouts and hundreds of free diet and fitness plans.

It's summer time. The warmth of the sun and the draw for outdoor adventure is calling your name. Are you up to the challenge of the season? Most of us have gained a few hibernation pounds over the winter. Are you ready to shed those pounds as quickly as possible?

I would like to suggest some great tools to help you drop those winter pounds while getting in the best shape of your life.

It’s always wise to consult the experts when starting a weight loss program. I would like to suggest two resources for a weight loss and weight management program. The first is a nationally known company called Nutri-System. The second is a very convenient and resourceful website called FitClick.

I chose Nutri-System because I worked for this company for over three years. I trained for two positions and acquired certifications in the areas of Nutritional Specialist and Behavior Breakthrough Counselor. The advantages to a program like Nutri-System, is that it takes the guesswork out of dieting and getting into shape. The pre-packaged meals, which come with the weight-loss program, are easy to prepare and delicious! The classes offer support and suggestions for work out routines and more. Nutri-System also includes a maintenance program. Loosing weight is the easiest part of the program; keeping the weight off is the key to permanent, safe weight management and a healthy lifestyle.

Today you will find some really great and helpful weight loss/weight management tools available online. Among many websites I was very impressed to find one that stood out from the rest. The website is called FitClick. This website contains a multitude of tools that will assist you in reaching your health and weight loss goals. Among the FitClick’s many helpful tools look for these tabs:

• Diet and Nutrition – complete with a calorie counter and diet plans
• Workout & Fitness - offers a workout tracker, exercise program to find your
best workout, calorie burn tracker and more
• Weight loss tips – weight loss programs, journal, support and more
• Community - complete with blogs, message boards, articles, groups and more
• Recipes - Recipe finder, recipe maker and a place for your personal recipes
• My tools - includes a calorie counter and calculator, workout tracker,
BMI Calculator, body fat calculator, weight chart and more.

Losing Weight while Remaining Healthy (a huge success story) takes discipline and determination.  Everyone is a little different and you may find that you need to tweak a program to meet your health needs.  

Today is the day to begin your journey toward a leaner and healthier body. With tools like these; no one has an excuse to weight .. or should I say wait.

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