Saturday, October 8, 2011

Skincare Solutions

As women we work hard at bringing out our natural beauty. An area of concern to each of us is the condition of our skin; especially the delicate skin that covers our face. We as women spend boo-Koo bucks to keep our skin looking healthy.  We dream of dewy, youthful and radiant skin. We long to look into the mirror with a smile as we view a vibrant glow reflected back at us.  On the contrary if, while gazing in the mirror, we see a visage marred by blemishes, wrinkles or worn-out looking skin .. we just don't feel prepared or confidant to face our world.

 There are many skin care products on the market to assist you in creating beautiful skin.  There are also many skin care products which contain toxic chemicals that are dangerous to your skin and your health. Most women are not aware of these dangers.  Let me share a list of the top 10 toxic chemicals found in commercial skin care and cosmetic products.
Top 10 Cosmetic Toxins

1.MercuryKnown human carcinogen.
2.Lead AcetateKnown human carcinogen.
3.FormaldehydeKnown human carcinogen
4.TolueneReproductive/developmental toxin
5.Petroleum DistillatesPossible human carcinogen
6.EthylacrylatePossible human carcinogen
7.Coal TarKnown human carcinogen
8.Dibutyl PhthalateReproductive/developmental toxin
9.Potassium DichromatePossible human carcinogen
10.2-Bromo-2-Nitropropane-1,3-DiolForms carcinogens if mixed with nitrosating agents
It is amazing to me that these types of products are allowed on the market without a warning on the labels. If you value your skin and your health ... please read labels.   For a more extensive list of chemicals found in skin care products go to this website natural skincare authority.

There are many natural and safe products to choose from in today's market.  The safest way, other than reading labels and wading through chemical terminology, is to choose certified organic skin care products.  You will typically find these products at your local health food store.  You can also find organic skin care products by typing certified organic skin care products in your search engine.  Make sure you use ALL of the words - certified organic is the key to finding chemical free and pure products.

Another safe and effective way to treat and address acne, wrinkles, tired looking skin while creating youthful, radiant skin is by utilizing  light therapy treatments.  Light therapy actually works better than Benzyl Peroxide and does not cause skin irritation.  You can receive light therapy treatments through your local dermatologist's office, many spa's and beauty center's also offer light therapy.   My choice is to enjoy light therapy treatments from the comfort of my own home.  There are hand held units available today.  My favorite? I recommend this affordable little product which utilizes blue light to treat acne, soften wrinkles and revive tired looking skin.  Create the complexion you've always dreamed of with light therapy.

Whatever you choose to enhance your beauty; be wise and only use safe products.  I would love to hear from you if you are using a GREAT and safe product that has created GREAT skin for you.

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