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Healthy Healing Clean Drinking Water (Alkaline)

Alkaline Ionized Water

My husband received an email this morning that brought the truth about what I am about to share with you to the forefront.
Here is that email .. word for word:

Check this out, Jen had a patient with 3rd and 4th degree burns and in a couple days was 6 weeks along in recovery. Guess what she used?
Alkaline water and acid water by product. Don't know who's machine she has.

On another note, she has a daughter with cancer stage 4, She has been drinking the water. She went for pre-op test and the Dr's only found dead tissue where the cancer was and no living cancer as of yet.

I wanted to send a friend more information. Maudie has just had a biopsy of a lump removed from her neck. I need to know how she should contact you.

Take Charge - It's YOUR Body

Have you ever thought about the significance and vital importance of water in maintaining the health of your body? Did you know that most of the human body is made up of water, H2O, with cells consisting of 65-90% water by weight? Are you aware that most of the drinking water available today has been polluted or rendered highly non-absorbable by the human body?

I pose these questions as one who has thought long and hard about taking ownership of my own health. We live in a generation in which people are being awakened to the importance of caring for the one and only body that has been entrusted to them. For years people have relied on the medical field to make decisions about the outcome of their health. Many people have been steered to a multitude of medications only to discover that their quality of life has been hugely diminished by a 'take-over' from the side-affects of those 'helpful' medications.

My own journey has led me to the place of realizing that I am the ultimate defender of my body. Now I send the challenge to you: Take Charge - It's YOUR body! Find Prevention before you seek a cure!

Fountain of Youth

The quest for Healthy Living through natural solutions has led many to study the health-supporting qualities of natural Healthy Living Water. From Ponce de Leon, who proclaimed he had discovered the Fountain of Youth to Nobel Prize winner Dr. Henri Coanda who was fascinated by the longevity of the Himalayan Hunz people, to modern scientists and engineers in Japan who in the 1960's first perfected the technology for ionization of water ... a truth has been unveiled. Water, in it's original God created state, is healing and life sustaining.

After 60 years of studying the Himalayan Hunz people, Dr. Coanda announced his discovery and conclusions about these peoples longevity. After 60 years, Dr. Coanda found the link.. the link to the Himalayan Huntz people's longevity ... it was their water source! The Himalayans water was strikingly unique. The water of the Himalayan Huntz people came from the Himalayan glaciers and had a measurably different viscosity and surface tension.

Throughout the years researchers continued their in-depth study of the drinking water of the Himalayan people. They discovered that this special water had a high alkaline pH and an extraordinary amount of active hydrogen with a negative Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP) and a high colloidal mineral content.

Though scientists knew it was impossible to recreate the unique glacial conditions that produced the Hunza waters, they went to work on replicating the molecular structure, high alkaline pH, presence of active hydrogen, negative ORP and high colloidal mineral content.
In the 1800's electrical energy pioneer Michael Faraday invented electrolysis - a device that separated water into hydrogen and oxygen. During the 1940's and 1950's, Russian researchers discovered a new method of creating electrolysis, later Japanese scientists, in the 1950's further perfected the technology producing the first commercial water ionizer.

Water Japan

Since the 1800's Research has continued and transpired into a mechanism which affords people all over the world to benefit from the discoveries made about the waters of the Himalaya's.
By 1966 the Japanese Health and Rehabilitation Ministry confirmed that alkaline ionized water was beneficial for health improvement and medical use.

In Japan, hospitals and clinics have used purified, electrically restructured, ionized, alkaline water for over 30 years to treat a number of conditions. Water ionizers are common today in Japan with more than 30 million people having access to ionized water from home units or other sources.

Advances in ionizing technology have recently led to the development and marketing of extremely affordable water ionizers that produce the same quality water as the more expensive original technology.
Ionized water is fast becoming widely available to people living in North America, Europe and many other countries.

Today, people all over the globe can drink alkaline, ionized living water produced by a high quality home water ionizer and benefit from characteristics similar to the glacier water of the Hunza.

Five Reasons to Use Alkaline Ionized Water

  1. Our bodies are acidic. Acid wastes from our cells, tissues and organs can’t be released into the blood and make their way out of the body unless our body has enough alkaline in it to create a neutral balance. With most people, many wastes sit in the cells for long periods forever waiting to be eliminated. The longer acid wastes stay in the cells the greater the chances of diseases or mutations (cancers).Research shows that diseases thrive in an acid environment. The modern fast-food diets we eat, sodas we drink, and stressful lifestyles we live only make that acid environment inside our bodies worse over time. To combat this, drinking alkaline water helps to buffer this acidity and neutralize our bodies, allowing our cells to be cleansed…leading to a longer, healthier life potential and more energy on a daily basis. An interesting study was conducted by Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Alexis Carrell. Carrel did an experiment to keep cells from a chicken heart alive and healthy, reproducing new healthy cells, for 28 years [and all signs showed they could have lived on and on forever]! Chickens only live 3 years! This study proves that in the right environment cells do not “age” or become diseased. The bottom line of this research was…our cells need to be cleaned and stay cleaned [daily]. The only way to do that is to drink plenty of alkaline ionized water daily.
  2. Good alkaline water ionizers use high quality filters, and you can also purchase extra pre-filters, which remove harmful substances from the water (such as chlorine and lead) and allow the good minerals (such as calcium) to pass through, so you can get the highest quality of ingredients in the water you drink - and without the bad stuff.
  3. Have you ever heard of “making water wetter”? Most water clusters itself in groups of 11 - 16 molecules stuck together. These clusters are so large that it’s hard to actually penetrate through cell membranes. The process of ionizing the water splits the water into smaller clusters of 5-8 molecules and so making it easier to get the water into your cells.
  4. Good water ionizers create water that is not only alkaline (to help buffer our bodies’ acidity), but also has a high “Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP)”, as measured by an ORP meter. You’re probably more familiar with the expression “anti-oxidant”. Alkaline ionized water’s ability to act as an anti-oxidant in your body is much, much greater than regular or bottled water. As a matter of fact, research shows that bottled water is bad for you. Regular tap water, normally filtered tap water and bottled water have high oxidation potentials. That means … high potential to oxidize and damage your cells. This is the opposite of ORP. The ionization process reverses the oxidation potential of tap water and creates as much as -200 or -300 ORP, which is a high strength of antioxidant potential. Antioxidants are needed to keep our cells from oxidizing and mutating. When they mutate you see this as the body’s aging process. Severe mutations you see as cancer.
  5. Alkaline ionized water using a good quality machine is less expensive than both bottled and regular water!  For less than $1.00 per day this new technology can create all the alkaline ionized water you and your family can drink per day. Given the fact that most machines last for over 10 or even 20 years without needing repairs, it follows that your cost of water will probably be less than even 50 cents per day to drink as much water as you like. Not only that, but an even more compelling reason I say alkaline ionized water has great return on investment as compared to drinking regular water from the tap or bottled water is because of all the preventative health benefits. Remember that old saying: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?” That’s what I mean by real savings!!! Look at all the doctor bills you save when you simply don’t get sick. 

Ionized Alkaline Water

To polish off this Hub I'd like to send you to a website that is informative and will lead you to the product which our friend Mark was asking about to share with his friend.

While ionized water units have been out their for years .. They have been very expensive. Recently our supplier found a new company which he spent time researching it well and finding it to be a superior product.

We now have one in our house ..and have tested the water .. is about -9.5 which is very good for alkaline water. We spent about 2/3 less than we would have if we had bought the unit we were looking at.


I wish you the best as you journey through this life and strive to care for the One and Only Body entrusted to you by our Creator God.

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